New Gear & Other News!

New Gear & Other News!
February 9, 2018 Nicole Wynn
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If you missed out on NAMM, here’s some new gear coming out soon!

Patchbay Rack 8 (PBR-8):  8 slot 500 series rack with fully balanced TT patchbay with mults, On Slot Technology (OST) power regulation by Heritage Audio, DB25 & XLR back panel I/O, & external PSU

Street Price: $899 (shipping in Q2)

Seventeen:  Single channel F.E.T. compressor with fast, detailed input stage, sidechain HPF, wet/dry Comp Mix, signal HPF/LPF, output transformer, & internal PSU

Street Price: $649 (shipping in Q2)

Auteur Quad:  4 channel mic preamp with meters, 2 Hi-Z inputs, XLR inputs, XLR & TRS outputs, transformer-coupled outputs, & external PSU

Street Price: $799 (shipping end of Q1/beginning Q2)

More Space: More gear means we need more space!  We’re excited to announce we’re expanding our presence in Chicago and adding more space on the north side of the city!

3 Year Warranty: We’re now offering a 3 year warranty on all products and modifications, starting with purchases made in January, 2017 and later!  We stand behind what we do, and want to prove it by providing unparalleled service!

Micro Clock Mk3 Patent: We’ve officially been granted our first patent by the U.S.P.T.O. for the Micro Clock Mk3!  They went through a lengthy review of our claims regarding how to keep jitter-inducing, “parasitic elements” out of the clock signal, and found them to be oh-so-original!

Black Lion Distribution: We’ve officially started a new branch of Black Lion Audio, Black Lion Distribution, and our first products to distribute are APS Monitors!  If you haven’t checked them out, be sure you do!

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