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    B172A Hybrid F.E.T. Opto Compressor

    Black Lion Audio, having hit the mark with the widely adored Seventeen compressor, has struck again, combining the Seventeen’s F.E.T. circuitry with a worthy optical section in the B172A! This unit combines the two separate '76 and 2A circuits into a single unit that allows you to route the signal in any order you like to be able to provide this very useful compression technique.
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    Bluey Limiter / Compressor

    The "Bluey" is a modified "Blue Stripe" compressor based off of the "golden" unit owned by Chris Lord-Alge. When certain components became unavailable, techs were forced to change the circuit, creating a one of a kind compressor that has been heard on countless hits.
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    Seventeen Compressor

    The Seventeen is not the ’76 compressor that your grandfather recorded with.