The Ultimate Opto Upgrade!

The Ultimate Opto Upgrade!
February 18, 2020 Nicole Wynn
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We are excited to announce the all new T4BLA!
High-end Optocell Upgrade for Optical Compressors

The ultimate opto upgrade.

At the heart of almost every optical compressor lies a T4b style Optocell. When designing the B172a compressor, Black Lion Audio tested every readily available T4b and felt that we could create a better sounding one to use in our B172A. In Black Lion “mod” tradition, we designed our own: the T4BLA!

The heart of all optical compressors.
At the center of any T4b lies an electroluminescent (EL) panel and a pair of photocells. Extensive testing showed that the EL panel acts similar to a capacitor and therefore the size of the panel affects the function of the Optocell itself. Black Lion Audio has spent a incredible amount of time experimenting and tuning the electrical characteristics to achieve the absolute best setup for optocell performance. Black Lion Audio even designed their own optocell tester, making sure that all optocells conform to their strict quality control. This makes for an incredible consistency, which is perfect for matching the response
between multiple optical compressors.

The Black Lion Audio T4BLA is compatible with the following products:
· Anthony DeMaria Labs – ADL1000
· Anthony DeMaria Labs – ADL1500
· Audioscape – Opto Compressor
· IGS – One leveling Amplifier
· Golden Age Project – Comp2A
· Golden Age Project – Comp3A
· Klark Teknik – KT2A
· Shadow Hills Industries – Mastering Compressor
· Stam Audio – SA2A
· Stam Audio – SA23+
· Universal Audio – LA2A
· Universal Audio – LA3A
· Warm Audio – WA2A

Black Lion Audio designed, engineered, assembles, makes and tests each unit by hand in the USA!

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