Akimitsu Homma

Keyboardist // Composer
Born on December 19th in Osaka, Japan, Homma began playing the piano at the age of four. His keyboardist career began during his high school years, and he was busy playing in numerous venues as a young performer. He also attended various competitions and was awarded the Best Keyboard Award, which lead him to play for Yamaha’s endorsed artists in Osaka. In ’88, he enrolled in the Mica Music Laboratory, where he studied composition and arrangement with Masataka Matsutoya. In ’89, upon relocation to Tokyo, he became affiliated with Halftone Music and continued his career as a keyboardist and an arranger. In ’96, he founded bluesofa as a way to utilize his unique taste in pop music and to pursue music production. Homma continues to lead and operate blusofa today.

Nowadays, I believe that producers and arrangers need to be familiar with the realm of engineering in order to do our part right. As one of the primitive steps into doing so, I’ve always been very careful about my choices of the clock, especially because it’s applicable to all stages of music production. To me, the Micro Clock MkIII is a tool that allows my imagination to take the lead.

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