Artist Testimonials

  • Michael Brauer – Mix Engineer

    Our friend Michael Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, Bon Jovi) stopped by the Black Lion Audio NY HQ to talk about…

  • “The first time I used the Black Lion Auteur Mic Pre was recording Peter Asher (Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor) playing his mid-sixties Gibson J200 acoustic. The tone was incredible, with crystal clear highs, and a nice defined bottom end that wasn’t muddy at all. The mid-range was smooth, and we didn’t need a bit of compression. I love my Auteur Mic Pre.”

    Jay Ruston
    Producer // Mixer
    (The Donnas, Leonard Cohen, Steel Panther, Diana Ross, Brian Wilson, Anthrax, Jars of Clay, Morrissey, American Idol)

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  • George Landress – Producer // Engineer // Mixer

    “No discerning studio owner should be without Black Lion Audio’s new line of pro audio tools. My external MICRO CLOCK, and SPARROW A/D stereo converter, stay on all the time in my studio rack. An upscale sound with a great price tag.”

    George Landress
    Producer // Engineer // Mixer
    (No Doubt, Jane’s Addiction, The Killers, Jon B., Chaka Khan, Jimmy Cliff, Lil’ Kim)

  • Butch Walker – Singer // Songwriter // Producer

    “The Signature Series Mod that you guys packed into my 003R is unreal. Such a world of difference. I used to DREAD going from my HD rig to having to use the little 003 box, but now this thing gives my HD converters a run for their money. The mic pres are actually good now, as well! Good things always come out of Chicago.”

    Butch Walker
    Singer // Songwriter // Producer
    (Katy Perry, Weezer, Pink, Panic! At The Disco, Avril Lavigne, Dashboard Confessional)