Michael Ilbert

Producer // Engineer
Michael Ilbert has made a name for himself as a standout mixer, recording engineer, and producer. Michael started out with the record label, Radium, in their studios in Gothenburg, where he worked with cult bands, such as Union Carbide Productions and Sator. Gessle from Roxette discovered Michael in the mid nineties and made him part of the production and mixing team on Roxette records and Gessle`s solo work.

Michael now splits his time between commercial pop, where he works with Max Martin and recently won Grammy’s for Taylor Swift’s 1989 and Adele’s 25, and less commercial music, such as The Hives, Supergrass, and Robyn. Michael recently moved from Sweden to Berlin, Germany, where he took over the “Hansa Mix Room” in the acclaimed Hansa Studios.

The Micro Clock Mk3 XB from Black Lion Audio is my new favorite tool in my studio. It gives me perfect clocking and playback from any digital audio source. Its way of making stereo more stereo and mono more mono is amazing – it’s called separation. I can get to the finish line quicker with my mixing and recording than ever before. After I started using it in my setup, I used less EQ, especially on the top end, and I chose which frequencies to add or take out on recordings more easily. I can more easily judge how much reverb or delays to add as well. And, it’s not expensive like some of its competition, so go out and get it.  It will make you a better engineer!”