BLA News

  • Introducing the B12AMKIII & B173MKII Microphone Preamplifiers

    We are pleased to announce the new Black Lion Audio B12AMKIII & B173MKII. Both feature a new look, a further improved build quality, a second Cinemag transformer and a lower price point. These single channel mic and instrument preamplifiers bring classic recording tones from the US and the UK in a half rack space at an affordable price. 

  • Add a New Spin to Your Apollo Twin X

    All the elements of the new Apollo Twin X mod combine to greatly enrich the sound of both tracking and playback. The soundstage is presented with additional depth and instrument separation that can best be described as a 3 dimensional quality.

  • Looking for a 500-Series Rack? Check out the PBR8!

    Nate demonstrates the Black Lion Audio PBR8, the world’s only 500-series rack with a built-in patch bay! Patented Black Lion technology!

  • Product Review // Word Clock MKIII // Streaky Mastering

    Streaky tries out the word clock made by Black Lion Audio in his mastering studio.

  • Namm 2018 // Ask.Audio // Black Lion Audio – PBR8 500 Series Rack

    Considering a 500-series enclosure upgrade? Check out the PBR-8 500 Series rack featuring bantam switching!

  • Announcement // New AKAI MPC X Mod

    The MPC has been a staple in Hip Hop, Rap, and other forms of electronic music for decades. The latest iteration from AKAI, the MPC X, brings the MPC solidly into the 21st century.

    We are thrilled to be offering the XB Mod for the MPC X!

  • GearFest 2019

    Black Lion Audio had a blast at Gear Fest 2019 showing off our latest and greatest gear!

  • Demonstration // B172A – FET & Optical Compressor

    Every so often, two incredible things, wholly enjoyable on their own, combine to form a pair so sweet and complementary, that it becomes hard to think of one without the other… Sonny & Cher, Lennon & McCartney, Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre and perhaps the greatest and most literal “dynamic duo” of all time – the 1176 and LA-2A! 

    The 1176 and LA-2A when used together, have become a studio stable for decades, often wired in series with each other so that one catches the audio’s peaks and the other does the heavy compression. Black Lion Audio, having hit the mark with the widely adored Seventeen compressor, has struck again, combining the Seventeen’s F.E.T. circuitry with a worthy optical section in the B172A! This unit combines the two separate ’76 and 2A circuits into a single unit that allows you to route the signal in any order you like to be able to provide this very useful compression technique.

  • Announcement // New PG-1 Power Conditioner!

    We’ve got the Power (Conditioner)! Black Lion is proud to announce our brand new PG-1 Power Conditioner!

    Most would cringe at the thought of plugging their hard earned music gear into the wall outlet or an unprotected power strip if they knew the truth about “dirty power.” The wildly unpredictable nature of an untamed power source is quite the jungle. Danger lurks in the form of tone devouring high frequency line noise and device slaying power surges. Now you can protect your treasured electronics with the strength and power of a lion – the Black Lion Audio PG-1! 

  • No Sour Notes at Sweetwater Event

    There were certainly no sour notes at our presentation at Sweetwater! We educated nearly 500 members of their sales staff about our fantastic current and upcoming products.