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    SHOOTOUT! BLA B12A MKIII vs. B173 MKII The Black Lion Audio B12A MKIII & B173 MKII are great sounding Neve…

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  • Sound On Sound reviews the Revolution 2×2!

    Sound On Sound reviews the Revolution 2×2! Read review here: Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2 ( “It’s a fact of…

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  • Tape Op Review – Black Lion Audio – B12A MKIII Preamp

    Tape Op Review – Black Lion Audio – B12A MKIII Preamp “If you’re someone who’s looking for a classically American…

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  • Product Review // Black Lion Audio Bluey // Sound On Sound Magazine ~ By Neil Rogers

    Chris Lord-Alge, aka CLA, must be one of the most recognisable figures in the world of music production. His confident, concise mixing style has graced countless hit records, seen him win multiple Grammys and earned the respect of his peers. Something very important to CLA’s ‘sound’ is his use of compression, and if you look at images of his Mix LA studio, you can’t fail to notice his enviable selection of outboard compressors. Among these, he has several of the ‘Blue Stripe’ versions of the UA 1176 FET limiting amplifier. These ‘Blue Stripe’ compressors were the earliest ‘revisions’ of the famous Universal Audio 1176 — head to UA’s website for more detail on the different revisions: CLA favours one particular unit, which he feels exhibits a little more ‘mojo’ than the others and which he estimates has been used on over 14,000 vocal recordings!

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  • Product Review // Seventeen // Sound On Sound Magazine ~ By Matt Houghton

    We put BLA’s feature‑rich and keenly priced 1176‑style compressor to the test.

    Black Lion Audio’s Seventeen clearly draws heavily on the classic 1176 FET compressor, but it’s not a straight clone. As with several FET devices we’ve reviewed in recent years, it builds upon that design, adding features that should be popular in modern studios, and taking advantage of modern devices to keep the noise floor low. BLA have managed to deliver all this at an asking price that’s within reach of mere mortals, without any obvious sacrifice in the audio quality and both ergonomic and aesthetic appeal.

    The review model was tidily packaged, and I was instantly enamoured by its classy appearance which, in keeping with the unit itself, is somehwat retro but with a modern twist. The solid construction and smooth‑yet‑sturdy feel of the controls and switches also inspired confidence. It’s a 2U 19‑inch rackmount device, but it ships with screw‑on metal‑and‑rubber feet, which allows more secure positioning on a desktop when not racked.

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