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    Bluey FET Limiting Amplifier

    The "Bluey" is a modified "Blue Stripe" compressor based off of the "golden" unit owned by Chris Lord-Alge. When certain components became unavailable, techs were forced to change the circuit, creating a one of a kind compressor that has been heard on countless hits. To get the exacting detail that Chris Lord-Alge has enjoyed from the original Bluey, we not only used custom CineMag transformers, we actually recreated his console’s insert path and built it right into the Bluey — giving everyone the same console feel! But we didn’t stop there: We also added an active wet/dry mix for easy parallel compression, as well as a stereo link! Bluey was designed with a vintage-inspired PCB layout, 1% resistors, polyester capacitors, and a linear power supply — meaning that Bluey is built to last! And like all Black Lion products, Bluey is hand assembled and tested in the USA.