Black Lion Audio Mod Prototypes

Black Lion Audio Mod Prototypes

From: $100.00

Congratulations! If you are seeing this page, it means that Black Lion Audio has chosen you to participate the Black Lion prototype modification process. This means that assuming the unit shows potential for modifications, you will be the very first owner of this mod and at a substantial discount!

Please note: The is no exact timeframe for how long a prototype may take or how much the final cost will be as every modification is different and final pricing can vary quite a bit between different models. The total prototype mod cost will be the cost of the parts plus labor that would go into the final mod. This results in a substantial discount. As the prototyping process involves quite a bit of labor to get JUST RIGHT, assume you will be without the device for several weeks-months.

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Configure Your Mod

Bundle a Micro Clock

Bundle in a Micro Clock MKII, MKIII, or MKIII XB and get a discount on your mod.

Bundle A Cable

Need a cable? Add one now.

Schedule Your Mod

Please note that you will need to ship your gear to arrive at our shop 1-2 business days prior to your chosen date.

Modifications *


While this is not the case with ALL mods (some include our clocking technology), most mods include:


  • New, high performance op-amps on analog inputs and outputs (mic preamps, line inputs, monitor outputs, headphone outputs, and line outputs)
  • New, high-grade signal path capacitors on analog inputs
  • Improving the performance of the analog stage circuits makes a drastic difference for tracking, mixing, and mastering (expect amazing micro-dynamics and space)!


  • Proprietary decoupling on all A/D and D/A converters using methods found in our Signature, FM, and XB modifications
  • Our approach to converter decoupling reduces noise generated during the conversion process, leaving you with crisp, clear audio!
  • Proprietary decoupling on all mic preamp chips

Booking a Mod

A 50% down payment will be collected during checkout for booking a modification. The remaining 50%, plus return shipping, will be due when the modification is complete. You will be prompted to choose a mod date when you add a mod to your cart. After booking, you will receive an email confirming your chosen “mod date” and shipping details.

The interface is not included in the mod price. You must supply us with an interface to be modified.

Please read our full sales policies prior to booking a mod.

Mod Rating

We often get asked our opinion on how one interface compares to another, so we’ve decided to create a rating system based on subjective A/B listening tests. The scale is from 1-10, with “1” being unimpressive audio quality and “10” being true audio excellence. This is an exponential scale, so going from “1” to “2” isn’t nearly as big of a jump as going from “9” to “10”.
Please keep in mind, we only modify an interface if we can make a significant improvement to the sound. All of our ratings are ultimately a matter of opinion. To view how we rate all of our mods, click here.


    Pre 4.0
    Post 7.75

Handcrafted in Chicago.