Koji Morimoto

Engineer // Mixer
Koji Morimoto is an audio engineer who has been affiliated with major studios and labels in Japan for over 30 years, starting with Avic Studio of Rittor Music in ’85, Sunset Music in ’87, Studio Sound DALI in ’91, and I to I Communication in ’99 and beyond. In 2002, Morimoto founded prime sound studio within Avex Music Creative and has served as its chief engineer since its establishment. Morimoto engineers over 120 major releases in Japan each year, including songs by Every Little Thing, AAA, E-Girls, and Charan-Po-Rantan. He also engineers Japan Record Award-winning songs such as “No Way To Say” (2003) by Ayumi Hamasaki and “Unfair World” (2015) by the third-generation J Soul Brothers.

The Prism Sound ADA-8XR is my all-time favorite. I have used many different clocks in the past, including rubidium clocks, but I have always preferred the sound of internal clocks. I ended up going back to them after using external clocks for a while. I did not get my hopes up too high with BLA MKIII because I thought I would end up reverting back to internal clocks again, but I was so astonished by the sound it made. BLA MKIII achieved some things that could not be achieved with ADA-8XR, and eliminated the minor things I disliked about ADA-8XR. BLA MKIII is an amazing product with great sound, size and price, and it outshines high-end clocks.

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