A collection of BLA news, reviews and testimonials.

  • Announcement // New PG-1 Power Conditioner!

    We’ve got the Power (Conditioner)! Black Lion is proud to announce our brand new PG-1 Power Conditioner!

    Most would cringe at the thought of plugging their hard earned music gear into the wall outlet or an unprotected power strip if they knew the truth about “dirty power.” The wildly unpredictable nature of an untamed power source is quite the jungle. Danger lurks in the form of tone devouring high frequency line noise and device slaying power surges. Now you can protect your treasured electronics with the strength and power of a lion – the Black Lion Audio PG-1! 

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  • No Sour Notes at Sweetwater Event

    There were certainly no sour notes at our presentation at Sweetwater! We educated nearly 500 members of their sales staff about our fantastic current and upcoming products.

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  • Mod Review // Apollo 8P // Ask.Audio – By Matt Vanacoro

    Modifying your audio gear can be a great way to make it perform to an even higher standard than it already does. Matt Vanacoro found out what Black Lion Audio could do to supercharge his Apollo 8.

    The first thing I was curious to find out was ‘exactly what are you going to do to my Apollo?’ I talked with Nate from BLA and he gave me the lowdown. Newer, high-performance op-amps would be put on the analog ins and outs (mic, line, monitor, headphones). The capacitors would be upgrade on the analog input signal path. The A/D and D/A converters would be decoupled, as well as the mic preamp chips.

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  • Product Review // Micro Clock MKIII // FutureMusic

    Black Lion Audio recently debuted the third incarnation of their dedicated master word clock, the MicroClock mkIII. Analog to digital conversion is something that BLA is passionate about, so much so that the concern, based out of Chicago, is constantly evaluating new crystal technology as it develops to determine how to enhance their products. Better crystals mean less jitter, and less jitter means better sound. Thus, when Black Lion released the third version of the MicroClock, we knew that this was not going to be just a polishing of the mkII. According to Nate Bierdeman, Black Lion Audio’s Chief Executive Officer, the company not only infused the latest crystal technology into the mkIII, but also looked to “remove the parasitic elements out of the signal.” This meant the company “performed critical listening at each stage, often A/B’ing different component pools and crystals to come up with the best result possible.”

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  • Product Review // Micro Clock MKIII // Tape Op ~ By Allen Farmelo

    What’s most fascinating about this clock is that nearly everything we hooked it up to sounded great. We clocked an older Pro Tools rig (with the outdated Digidesign 192 Digital I/O) to the Micro Clock MkIII – sounded much better. A Forssell mastering converter — sounded great, though not better. My Aurora Lynx mix rig — sounded great, and better. The new Dangerous Music Convert-8 — sounded great, though not better. Obviously, we didn’t try every combination known, but the consistency of the sound with the Micro Clock MkIII was impressive. A solid center image, big bass, and a depth to the soundstage that’s typical of excellent, low-jitter clocking. We walked away saying, “That’s a great little clock!”

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