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Type F Power Conditioners

  • PG-2 Type F Power Conditioner

    PG-2 Type F Rack Mount (2U) Professional Power Conditioner with 12 switched, filtered and surge protected outlets, voltage meter and amperage meter for real-time analysis, 2 filtered convenience outlets and a USB charger on the front panel, as well as XLR lamp connectors.
  • PG-P Type F Portable Studio-Grade Power Conditioner & Surge Protector

    The PG-P Type F might look like a run-of-the-mill surge protector, but in reality it’s a studio-class power conditioner— PG-P Type F doesn’t just provide more noise filtering than other portable conditioners, it provides the same noise filtering found in the majority of the world’s rack-mount power conditioners!
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    PG-1 Type F Power Conditioner

    Your gear deserves the best power, and we took great care in making sure the PG-1 Type F delivers just that, thanks to PG-99 Filtering Technology. The PG-1 Type F is built using premium Panasonic and Wima capacitors, due to their superior execution in eliminating high frequency noise that robs equipment of its peak performance. In testing, this has provided an average of 99.7% of noise filtering, as opposed to the typical average of 85% found in other power conditioners at the same price point. Combine that superior power filtration with an impressive power absorption rating of 2775 joules,  and your gear isn’t just getting quality power, but it’s protected from the most unsafe of scenarios that can happen!