RME Fireface UFX Mods

RME Fireface UFX Mods

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The RME Fireface UFX is a great option for someone looking for a lot of I/O in a 1U chassis, with rock solid drivers, and both USB & Firewire connectivity. Read below for details on how we can take your interface to the next level!

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We are offering the following modifications for the Fireface UFX:

Standard Mod


  • – New, high performance op-amps on EVERY analog input and output (mic preamps, line inputs, and line outputs)
  • Improving the performance of the analog stage circuits makes a drastic difference for tracking, mixing, and mastering (expect amazing micro-dynamics and space)!
  • Premium Mod (includes Standard Mod)


    • – New, high-grade signal path capacitors on EVERY analog input and output (mic preamps, line inputs, and line outputs)


    • – Proprietary decoupling on all A/D and D/A converters
    • Our approach to converter decoupling reduces noise generated during the conversion process, leaving you with crisp, clear audio!

    Get ready to hear your Fireface UFX like never before!

Booking a Mod

A 50% down payment will be collected during checkout for booking a modification. The remaining 50%, plus return shipping, will be due when the modification is complete. You will be prompted to choose a mod date when you add a mod to your cart. After booking, you will receive an email confirming your chosen “mod date” and shipping details.

The interface is not included in the mod price. You must supply us with an interface to be modified.

Please read our full sales policies prior to booking a mod.

Mod Rating

We often get asked our opinion on how one interface compares to another, so we’ve decided to create a rating system based on subjective A/B listening tests. The scale is from 1-10, with “1” being unimpressive audio quality and “10” being true audio excellence. This is an exponential scale, so going from “1” to “2” isn’t nearly as big of a jump as going from “9” to “10”.
Please keep in mind, we only modify an interface if we can make a significant improvement to the sound. All of our ratings are ultimately a matter of opinion. To view how we rate all of our mods, click here.

  • RME UFX Standard

    Pre 4.25
    Post 5.5
  • RME UFX Premium

    Pre 4.25
    Post 7


“I got my RME [UFX] hooked up today… I pulled up a finished mix from a couple months ago… I hit playback and then proceeded to [crap] my pants. I am not even clocking this thing yet and I am almost having a heart attack… An inch is a mile in this world. I can’t wait to get my Micro Clock… Genius….Pure Genius….Thanks for making magic boxes….”

– Jake Rye, President/Owner of Sonus Clarus Media Group, Tecumseh, MI

“I received a brand new BLA-modded RME UFX about ten days ago. It arrived from your shop in great shape and works perfectly. I’ve used it on several paying sessions already, and I re-printed several mixes with it, so I could compare it to my previous interface (I mix in analog with a Neve 8816 summing amp, so my mixes incorporate the converters both ways – playback through the D/A, mix-capture through the A/D). I also did a quick subjective shootout between the BLA/RME mic pre and the ones in my old interface.

My initial impression – it sounds great! I’m falling in love with the sound rather quickly. Listening on a pair of Dynaudio BM-5A’s, the first thing that jumped out at me was how smooth the midrange is, particularly the upper-mids. It makes my old box sound hyped & harsh. Then I noticed how much lower the BLA-mod UFX goes. Its response extends much further down than my previous rig, making things sound bigger. The extended bass response, combined with the smooth mids, add up to a nice warm “analog” sound. To top it off, the high-frequency response is also greatly extended, bringing a flattering presence to sounds & mixes that isn’t harsh or hyped. I could go on. The stereo imaging is outstanding, really bringing out subtle nuances of things like echoes and panning automation. Separation is excellent – I’m hearing things I never noticed before. You get the idea. Bottom line is that every mix I reprinted through the [modified] UFX sounds better than the original. And that’s just printing the mix verbatim. Can’t wait to mix a project from the ground-up with this rig (I’m actually resuming mixing on a record this week, so I won’t have to wait long). Thanks for the great work. I’m very happy with it. I’ll be doing business with you folks again.”

– Bobby Day

“I’m currently in the process of selling some studio gear (Tascam, Lexicon, etc.) that I don’t need anymore due to BLA having much higher quality! And I really can’t say enough how thrilled I am that you guys even exist! With all the worthless gear that’s plagued the industry, it’s very reassuring to know that a lone knight company still stands up against the throngs to deliver true quality and service. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!”

– Phil Rista

“Hey man, [my] UFX came back a couple of days ago… it’s definitely made quite a few people jealous :). The converters sound good enough at this point that it more or less runs all the ins and outs for my entire project studio. Even the pre’s are solid. It’s a great piece of gear…”

– Dev Avidon

Handcrafted in Chicago.