Mod Review // Apollo 8P // Ask.Audio – By Matt Vanacoro

Mod Review // Apollo 8P // Ask.Audio – By Matt Vanacoro
August 7, 2017 Nate Bierdeman
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Black Lion has been in the modification game for quite a while. I remember my first experience hearing an upgraded MOTU 2408 interface many years ago, and the difference was obvious. Less noise, more headroom, and wider dynamic range were all present. When I heard that BLA was offering modifications on newer, higher spec audio interfaces, I was interested to see how far they could ‘push’ the envelope with a device so recently released. I sent them my beloved Apollo 8P (black) interface and invited noted NYC audio engineer Gianluca Trombetta to weigh in as well. Gianluca’s resume ranges from Dream Theater to the Today Show, and I trust his ears unquestionably.


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