GearFest 2019

GearFest 2019
June 28, 2019 Nicole Wynn
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GearFest 2019 — A Monumental Event

Where can musicians and audio engineers from all around the globe get together to learn from world-famous artists and producers, talk with industry-leading manufacturers, get their hands on the latest gear, and join together for a celebration of music, all for free? Only at Sweetwater’s annual GearFest — and now that the dust has settled and the tents are coming down, it’s safe to say that GearFest 2019 was our greatest event yet. And while we’re proud that our team is able to hold such an ambitious event right here on the Sweetwater campus, we sincerely believe that it is you, our guests, that make each GearFest so special. If you were able to join us for GearFest 2019, thank you so much for making the trip to take part in such a special event!

Over 17,000 Music Makers

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