MPC X Special Edition Mods now available!

MPC X Special Edition Mods now available!
May 23, 2023 Ryan Roullard
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Due to popular demand… we’re now offering mods for the MPC X Special Edition!

You asked for it! We’re proud to announce that we now offer mods for the popular MPC X Special Edition. Interested? You can book your mod here.

Check out these audio demos of the before-and-after recordings of a stock MPC X Special Edition vs. a Black Lion Audio-modded unit.

If you would rather not use SoundCloud, you can download .WAV files of the modded and stock recordings here.


The production and recording process:

We felt it important to demonstrate the tonal character of both the D/A and A/D conversion on both stock and modded units, so we used a recording process that involved looping back the MPC’s own outputs back to its inputs.

On both stock and modded units, the tracks were composed in the MPC X SE and routed from Line outputs 3 and 4, and back in to the Line inputs 3 and 4, recorded at 44.1 kHz and normalized. This way, the characteristics of both the D/A and A/D converters are all present in the recordings, and the files are time-aligned for null testing.

Listening tips:

Critical listening is a learned skill. We recommend zeroing in on a particular instrument when comparing files. Evaluate each instrument’s tone, texture and transient response. Then, when consuming the tracks as a whole, pay attention to what happens to the space (or lack thereof) in the mix when things get busy. Always listen on the highest quality playback system available to you – not in your car or on your phone.

Start at the high end and work the way down. Listen to one instrument at a time, starting with cymbals and hats, then focus on the mids and the vocals, followed lastly by the bass elements. Listen for texture.


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